Our fashion search engine allows users to find the clothes they want and make informed choices by comparing similar offers with different prices and specific features.

It can process requests in the form of texts or images of garments or entire looks.

Search-by-image recommends both similar and complementary clothing items, making it easy to create outfits.

Here are some common scenarios of searching for clothing items by their appearance in images:

  • To get the best deal, take a photo of the product in a store or find it on a fashion e-commerce site. Then, search for the same or visually similar products on other marketplaces and compare prices before making a purchase.
  • To create a stylish outfit, simply use a photo of the garment as a reference and find complementary items to pair it up with.
  • You can use a photo from a social network or an online magazine to find matching items and recreate a look that you liked.
If you do not have immediate ideas for what to search for, we offer collections of interesting outfit images that can be used as an inspiration to recreate looks using the search engine. These are updated on a regular basis.
The power of the engine lies in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and a deep understanding of fashion based on deep neural networks. Its recommendations are completely reliable.